Collection: What is Leap Into Step?

This little shop is run by one busy bee and that’s me, Lundy! I simply hope to spread messages of encouragement to others after eventually coming out of dark mental places myself. I also do fan art for shows that I think either help spread encouraging messages to their audiences as well, or I loved the potential within it to do so.

In between my full-time job, I’ll be adding more products, both original and some fan art, but keep in mind that the art is bound to retire or change to other series. I sell cute stickers, bookmarks, and original coloring storybooks, but as time goes on and the shop slowly grows alongside me, I may have much more to offer in the future.

Feel free to check out The Latest for spoilers and updates, the LIS Instagram, or you can sign up for emails to stay up-to-date on what will come!

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