Who runs this store?

Just me, Lundy! I was born in the late 1990s and loved cartoons and animation all my life. My simple wish is to spread messages and stories that can inspire others. College was not a good fit for my mental health, but that time period and carving my own path beyond it all helped me reach this point: making my own little shop in a shared apartment and deciding my dreams don't stop just because I didn't continue college. Just keep in mind that I have a part-time job outside of keeping up with all things LIS, so it may take time for me to respond personally.

When will my package get to me?

I intend to ship all orders 1-5 days after purchasing, depending on my work schedule or how busy my shop may get in the future. After I send your purchase(s) to USPS to ship, tracking can detail where your package is and how it’s heading to you.

Also make sure to check out the Refund and Shipping Policies for further information.

Some of these prices seem pretty high for me.

That’s okay! You should definitely only spend what you can afford or want to spend. There will be periodic sales as well as bundling options to make the most of the prices. There's also free shipping for orders that are at or over $50, and the Shop payment option lets you split that up into 4 payments with them. Subscribing will give you more coupons as well. I’d be grateful to all my customers or potential customers who show an interest regardless. As I grow and more options, savings and knowledge become available to me, as well as working around having all my shop supplies in a shared bedroom apartment space at this time, I can invest more into the shop for more productivity at more efficient speeds or cleaner quality, or expanding more products I couldn’t create or didn’t have the space/money to invest in before. As new products are made, old things must retire and be sold out. Luckily, retiring designs will be sold at a bundle price as well and can even include unused exclusive bundle items once not available to some prior!

What are Coloring Storybooks, and how are they different from typical coloring books?

Each storybook has its own self-standing story portrayed without too many words, so that the characters can express their stories on their own. The core concept is that, as you ‘read’ and color their stories in, you can find similar fulfillment in your own personal journeys, even if yours is just beginning. Hopefully someone’s inner child felt less alone somewhere in this world because of my little stories.

Where does the fan art fit into the messaging?

Animated media has always been a great outlet to showcase heartwarming and thought-provoking stories and ideas that helped mold minds young and old alike in nicely digestible fashions. My younger self that was obsessed with cartoons in the early/mid 2000s was heavily influenced by animated media, so I wanted to incorporate a bit of it alongside my growth as well. Fan art is a love letter to the hard work the creators put into those stories, into their concepts, and showcasing how we connected to their art and those stories on some level. I can’t promise to create things for every show ever made, but for the ones that I personally enjoyed or think send amazing messages to others (or had great missed potential), I certainly will try to fit some concepts around them that I can be satisfied with that I feel others will enjoy having on hand. Just keep in mind that fanart designs will retire as new ones come in; my original works do not.

Why 'Leap Into Step’?

Not every ‘leap of faith’ pays off for everyone. Some people fly before they walk, and some crawl for a long time before ever taking a solid step. But leaping into step again, after no longer trying out of fear or hopelessness, has to be the hardest of all when the faith needed to leap was long gone. But it wouldn’t be called living if I stopped trying. One day, instead of falling, I’ll land, but every stumble I took beforehand helped me get there too, until I find myself walking on clouds.

If my original storybooks can convey this message where I can help others get out of that dark place, or at least feel less alone while in it, then I’ll feel like I did what I always dreamt of doing as a kid when my childhood cartoons gave me so much comfort and joy growing up. Just as cartoons always comforted my inner child, I hope my little storybooks can comfort somebody else the same way. Not quite what young me who dreamt of animating thought I’d be doing as I near 30, but it’s 100% me and 100% my messages to you all.

What inspired the Marigold logo?

The very first test logo was a figure jumping towards a cloud, but it was too straight-forward and boring over time, and I quickly decided to do some research on what represents my message the most. I also needed a color palette update that would be much more appealing and bright to reflect the actual overcoming of inner darkness this shop generally stands for, because that old one was too focused on the darkness itself and felt... distracted. In reality, I tend to be drawn to vividly-colored flower designs, so while looking up flower meanings that could work, I came across the marigold. It often represents the Sun's energy, and its strong scent is believed to ward off negativity and evil spirits. It can also represent passion, creativity and inner strength. I knew immediately that this bold flower would mean everything to this shop. From there, I looked up color palettes that could work for those tones, debated what worked best for me, and here we are!

What are your plans when the shop expands beyond your singular limits?

I would need to limit purchases to only be when items are in stock if things get overwhelming. But if I am blessed enough to get to a point where I have to shift the entire shop to expand and add more people to it, I'll have to consider making LIS expand as an official LLC (which costs more money per year) and hire others to help manage the increased sales and production, the increased shipments to be made, more storage for expanded products order official shipping boxes, tapes, banners and other such packaging, and reorganize the behind-the-scenes so others can also manage communications and keep up with all the storage alongside me. I would prefer to still be an artist for the shop and help keep up with storage. I would also love to do more as the shop gets to grow more and more, so I would invest in better appliances or expand my own knowledge of art programs beyond just CSP. It's a lot to think about while just beginning, but I have the concept of what would be needed in mind already and will ask and do more research as needed.